Competition News.

New SSS for the white tee course

We are pleased to announce the SSS for the white tee course has been increased to 70 following the re-rating done by the County. This is effective from this weekend.


New format for the Club Championship.

By popular request the format of the Club Championship has been changed to a straight 36 hole Stroke play competition with both rounds on Saturday 30th June. The Jubilee Cup will still be over 2 days and the 2nd round must be played on Sunday (CC entrants don’t have to enter the Jubilee cup, but if they do, they must play their second round on the Sunday).


Also there will be a separate Gross Matchplay Championship for the Silver Salver with the top 16 gross scores from the first round of the Club Championship qualifying. Matches can be arranged anytime but the final must be played on finals day.


New PSI terminal in the Hall

The Computer in the entrance hall is now running the PSI program, this means there are 2 terminals available for score entry. This will relieve the pressure on the lounge PSI and also provide backup in case one of the terminals is out of operation. Please note, if the screen is blank it is in standby so tap or swipe the screen and wait until it comes to life.