Following on from the success of the last event we are planning a repeat along the same lines commencing in November. For those not familiar the format is a team event comprising four people in a series of 5 activities played on a Thursday evening in the clubhouse bar. Each team playing the other teams in rotation. Points are scored and maintained by the event organiser(s) and at the end of the year the team results are announced. This year’s event is to be organised by John and Jeff again. The activities are:




The current plan is for this year’s event to be played on alternate weeks on a Thursday commencing on 8th November. If you’re interested please enter team names and names of participants on the entry sheet in the Clubhouse. A team comprises 4 people and is open to both male and female members. It can be useful to have reserve members for a team in the event that one or two cannot “make it” on particular nights and these can be listed too but only four play on the night.