Competitions Update

As from Saturday 11th May, Preferred Lies are off. Ball must be played as it lies.


The Knock out draws have now been done and can be viewed here, they are also posted in the Locker rooms. Please note, results must be entered into the PSI terminal in the entrance hall.


Unfortunately we have had some issues of late with the Competitions computer system, please bear with us as we are trying to improve these reliability issues.


As you know Competition entry normally takes place in the shop and involves entering your name on the entry sheet, paying the entry fee and ensuring you are entered on the computer. If for some reason the entry can't be made on the Computer please enter on the PSI terminal in the entrance hall before playing. If the shop is closed then enter on the PSI terminal in the entrance hall and put your entry fee in an envelope, clearly marked with your name and competition name and date and place the envelope into the scorecard box.


When your round is complete enter score into the PSI terminal and put signed scorecard into scorecard box. If the PSI screen is locked up then reboot the computer by turning off the mains under the shelf for 10 seconds then back on and wait a few minutes until the program starts again. Note: the Left Hand screen is connected to the power socket nearest the wall and the Right Hand screen to the socket at the front (white cable).