Competitions update

Invitation Day   - Saturday 10th August

Please note entry is now open on BRS for this event. If you enter, please also provide your guests name and club on the entry sheet in the Pro’s shop. This will greatly help with the sign in process on the day. Thank you for your help with this.


Stag Qualifiers 2019

April    Anthony Digirolamo, Alex Brown, John Eden, James Cram, Mark Brewis, Daniel Del Prete, Brian Best, Stephen Jewitt,

            Barney Armstrong, Bert Garrow, Stephen Pearson.

May     Jon Best, Darren Brewis, Richard Lee, Clive Rogerson, Andy Todd, Gary Kennedy.

June   David Christer, Ben Squire, Richie Armstrong, Martyn Henderson, Philip Guttridge, David Rainbow.

July    Ian Martinson, Gary Bridgewater, John Clarkson, Chris Welton, Keith Woods.