Competition sign-in

As you know our pro Steve is leaving on the 27/9/2019. We have commenced the recruitment process but due to the uncertainty when a new appointment will be able to start, we are moving the competition sign-in function to the bar. We will also be taking the opportunity of implementing a competitions purse to simplify the sign-in process and facilitate a cashless system. These new arrangements will commence from the 25/9/2019.


This means all members will have a ‘competitions purse’ account in HandicapMaster and competition fees (inc. optional sweep and two’s) will be automatically taken from this purse when signing in to a competition. Purses can be topped up at the bar using a loyalty card and any winnings (sweep and two’s) will be allocated back to the member’s card (or paid in cash if requested). Most members already have a loyalty card, but if you don’t then we encourage you to get one to help keep the system simple. Members can view their purse account on the PSI terminals in the Hall and, provided they have sufficient funds, they can sign themselves in on these terminals. 



Competitions purse - FAQ


What is a competition purse? - All members have a ‘competitions purse’ in HandicapMaster this is a purse (or an account) from which they can pay competition entry fees. It is similar in operation to the Loyalty card system but should not be confused with it. The ‘competitions purse’ is initialised at £0 and needs to be topped up before signing in to a competition.


What is a competition purse used for? – The ‘competitions purse’ is used to pay for competition entry. When you sign-in to a competition, the fees (inc. optional sweep and two’s) will be automatically taken from this purse.


How do I top-up my competitions purse? - Top-ups are purchased at the bar using a loyalty card to pay for them and can be for any amount. You need to have your Loyalty Card with you if you need to top-up when you sign in.


Why is my top-up not shown in my competitions purse? - Top-ups will not appear on your purse transactions immediately as they are only processed weekly on a Monday. However you can still ‘sign-in’ in the bar.


What happens to my competition winnings? - Competition winnings (sweep & 2’s) are paid back onto your loyalty card. Alternatively you can request them to be paid in cash.


How do I know what is in my competitions purse? - You can view your purse balance (and transactions) on the PSI terminals in the entrance hall, however top-up’s will not appear immediately as it takes a few day’s for the top-up to be processed to the purse account.


What are the benefits of a competition purse? – Competition entry will be easier as it will be a cashless system and your club will benefit by simplifying competition administration. If a member has enough funds in their purse they can sign-in themselves using the PSI terminals in the entrance hall without needing to go to the bar. However if they don’t have enough funds then they must sign-in in the bar after purchasing a top-up.