Competition Update

The ‘Competitions Purse’ goes into operation this Wednesday in the 12hole Club Sweep. There are notices up in the clubhouse and on the website explaining the purse in more detail. Sign in will be in the bar (not the shop) and it will be necessary to purchase a competition purse top-up prior to signing in so make sure you have your loyalty card with you.


This Saturday is ‘Invitation day’ and Sunday is the last 'Fred Punshon' (so if you are in contention don’t miss it). The following weekend we have the Stag and a Club Sweep on the Saturday (qualifiers for the Stag are listed below), then the Match play finals on the Sunday.


April        Anthony Digirolamo, Alex Brown, John Eden, James Cram, Mark Brewis, Daniel Del Prete, Brian Best, Stephen Jewitt,

                Barney Armstrong, Bert Garrow, Stephen Pearson.

May        Jon Best, Darren Brewis, Richard Lee, Clive Rogerson, Andy Todd, Gary Kennedy

June        David Christer, Ben Squire, Richie Armstrong, Martyn Henderson, Philip Guttridge, David Rainbow

July         Ian Martinson, Gary Bridgewater, John Clarkson, Chris Welton, Keith Woods

Aug         Steven Grey, Richard Sheil, David Scullen, Trevor Liddle, Kevin Honeybell

Sept        David Bell, Christopher Baker, Neil Henderson, Simon Martin, Phil Waggott, Glen Clement, Stephen Tearse


Close House are hosting the British Masters 2020 event from 29th July to 2nd August and tickets can be purchased through Stocksfield Golf Club by following the link below.