England Golf (the organisation to which we are affiliated and who provide support) have issued a statement that ALL golf courses throughout England MUST close immediately. They feel that the golfing industry must play it’s part in the current crisis we are facing.


As a result of this, and the statement from the Prime Minister, Stocksfield Golf Club will close the course and clubhouse immediately and this will remain the position until advised otherwise. Members are asked to comply with this instruction.


Financial problems have beset the vast majority of golf clubs throughout the country over the past few years but recovery from this one will be very challenging indeed. It is now, more than ever before, we need the support of our members.


A tremendous amount of work has been done on the course throughout the winter months and is still currently being undertaken in order to give members a golf course to be proud of. The Clubhouse is undergoing refurbishment (at very minimal cost to the Club thanks to many members) to make it a more pleasant place to come to. We have a new Professional who is wanting to be proactive and give members a good service and make golf enjoyable.


We will be examining every grant, benefit and aid that the Government (and England Golf) can provide to help cover the considerable loss of income we will certainly incur. The Bank has immediately lifted our overdraft limit by 20% for 3 months (although we definitely do not plan to use it).


The support of our membership is crucial to our future and we are always ready and prepared to listen to them for any pearls of wisdom they can provide which will help. Payment of current subscriptions, that are due, in a timely manner will provide support to the Club and is very much appreciated.


Management Committee.