Coronavirus - Golf club updates

16th April - Update.


We sincerely hope everyone remains safe and well. Here is a very brief update of where we currently are.


The golf course, obviously, remains closed but 2 members of the Green’s Team are carrying out the essential work on the course itself, keeping to the guidelines of social distancing etc, in order to ensure that we will have a golf course fit to play on when the lockdown arrangements allows us to do so. Also the opportunity has been taken to make some alterations, at no cost to the Club, within the Clubhouse while it is closed and again carrying out fully the guidelines on social distancing etc., hopefully they will be to everyone’s liking.


As a result of very recent burglaries at a number of local golf clubs Nicky has removed all valuable items from his shop and “swing room” and trophies have been removed from the Clubhouse.


Many thanks to those of you who completed the recent survey conducted on our behalf by England Golf. As the England Golf Club Support Officer has now been furloughed we await his report before we can act. The support we have received from members continues to be excellent, throughout this worrying period, and a small sample of emails sent include these comments:-

  • “Happy to support the Club especially at a time when you, the Committee and staff are doing their utmost to improve everything we love about the place!”.
  • “We are not clients paying for a service, we are members of a club so the club belongs to us. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to keep it going and given social distancing and self isolation, paying our fees is the only way we can do this”.
  • “Can I add my supportive e-mail to those you have received already. I will pay my full fees whatever the outcome of course availability and will not be looking for any discount or refund. I don't think I'll be alone in this. Keep up the good work.”

To date two thirds of the membership have paid or have committed to pay their subscriptions and we are extremely grateful. The Club relies heavily on the support of it’s members and without it we will fail to survive.


6th April - Update.


With the golf course and clubhouse remaining closed, due to the UK wide lockdown, it has been very heart-warming to see the number of members who have paid their fees promptly. The Committee are very grateful for the support given. The “payment clinic” whereby members wishing to pay their fees by credit card will operate again on Wednesday between 10.00 am and 12 noon (contact the Club as normal and go to extension 3 as that is where the machine is). 11 members took the opportunity last week and again we offer our sincere thanks.


Norma has received a large number of emails with very supportive messages and we repeat how grateful we are. However, we have received a small number of understandable concerns from some members who are asking:

  • “I am yet to pay my fees for the forthcoming year and am reluctant to do so given that we have no idea when the course and clubhouse are likely to open. Are the club looking at this? At almost £50 per month, now surely it would be the right thing to reward members with a pro rata discount from their fees”.
  • “I have not paid my golf club subs to date as I am concerned about getting 12 months golf for my fee. Can you guarantee 12 months golf starting from the day the golf course opens or a week by week reduction?”

These are understandable questions and especially when some of our own members income has been reduced. We are very happy to be as flexible as possible in these situations, to help in paying subs. We cannot guarantee when the golf course will be open but will obviously do so within 3 days of getting the green light to do so.


The subscriptions paid by members amounts to just over 60% of our total annual income and is currently the only income we have. Golf Clubs cannot exist without subscription money. We have debts that need servicing and do need cash in the bank to exist from day to day. A review of our finances later in the year will be made to see if at all possible, how we can reward member loyalty.


Yes, it is true that we are asking members to pay for a service they are, currently, not getting but this isn’t Sky Sports. When football returns so will Sky Sports but some Golf Clubs might not be so lucky. We are making savings and have applied for assistance from Government, which we are reasonably confident of receiving, but that will be nowhere near the money we need.


A large number of golf clubs are in a precarious financial position but when it comes to golf there is no rescue package. Members ARE the rescue package. With the support we have been receiving and hopefully continue to receive we are confident we can pull through so please accept a massive thank you.


24th March - Update


Many apologies to our members but we are constantly reviewing the advice we offer regarding the playing of golf and use of the Clubhouse at Stocksfield Golf Club. We do wish people to continue to enjoy the game of golf and to take advantage of the fresh air and exercise it provides but we are very much aware of measures we need to take in the situation we have at present. Currently we have had no actual or suspected cases of COVID-19 of members of the Club. If this situation changes we will act quickly to protect Members, Visitors and Staff. Should anyone receive a confirmed diagnosis we would appreciate it if you could let us know. In line with the advice we currently have we would ask that you take the following steps:-



  • Please do not come to the Club if you have a persistent new cough or a fever.
  • Please do not come to the Club if you live with or have come into contact with anyone who is showing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water on entering the Club and before eating and drinking.
  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch all coughs and sneezes. Please bin the tissues after use.

On the Course

  • For a temporary period of time all Club Competitions will be cancelled (or postponed as appropriate). This is to avoid the possible problems associated with competition entry, entering of scores and scorecard handling.
  • Insist on social distancing (2 metre rule) on tee grounds and throughout the round.
  • Always leave the flag in the hole. Golfers are asked to carefully remove their own ball from the hole BUT NOT WITH A GOLF CLUB.
  • Rakes have been removed from bunkers and therefore all bunkers should be considered as Ground Under Repair.
  • Drinking Fountains and ball cleaners must not be used.
  • The pressure hose for cleaning shoes etc after a round of golf has been put out of commission.
  • Golfers should only pick their own ball up.
  • Do not share equipment such as golf clubs and range finders.
  • Don’t shake hands before or after the game (try bumping elbows).

After the game

  • The Clubhouse remains open at present but guidelines and demand will determine availability.
  • It is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before going to get a drink or have something to eat. Hand sanitisers are also available within the bar area.
  • The food available is limited to snacks and sandwiches thus avoiding waste and disposable plates, cups and utensils are in use.
  • Bar staff have been vigilant in ensuring that beer pumps, door handles and hard surfaces etc., are sanitised regularly.
  • Where possible please pay by contactless method.

Professional’s Shop and Swing Room

  • The Professional’s shop will remain open for business as normal until such time that Nicky’s personal circumstances change.
  • The Swing Room will remain open.
  • Those using the room should use their own golf balls.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes have been placed in the room to clean the screen etc. PLEASE follow the instructions which are on display in the room as every effort is made to help protect you.