Golf Club Update

In these very strange times, we sincerely hope everyone and their families remain safe and well.


Membership subscriptions continue to be received (albeit down to a trickle now) and we are extremely grateful to those who have paid in full and to those who have committed to pay in stages over the coming year (the “payment clinic” whereby payment can be made by card over the phone by contacting Andy at the Clubhouse on Wednesdays between 10am and 12 noon remains available).


However, despite this, there still remains a considerable number of members, in various categories, who have yet to make contact with us and let us how they would like to proceed. It is appreciated that this is and will be a difficult time for many of us and we are more than willing to be flexible in how the payment of subscriptions can be made. Please contact Norma, who you can be assured, will help as much as possible. The email address is and she will get back to you. This contact is imperative so we clearly understand our financial position going forward and importantly the associated risks involved.


It goes without saying that the Club, as most other Golf Clubs, relies heavily on membership subscriptions. There are and will be many challenges this year for the Committee to deal with and the support and encouragement given to them through emails and telephone calls from an increasing number of members have been so welcome and, indeed, morale boosting.


The overwhelming theme of support has been to say how members feel they are part of a CLUB; it is their CLUB and they do enjoy their golf and social life at Stocksfield. The Committee appreciate these comments made and will work hard to ensure that every member will be able to feel the same.


The course itself looks well (could do with a bit of rain) and the changes being made in the Clubhouse are progressing slowly but safely. We will get some photos out to you in the next couple of weeks.


The club Website has had a few cosmetic changes done aimed at simplifying the site navigation, especially for mobiles. Also you are now able to comment on any new 'News' item postings so we welcome your feedback on the issues raised.


With the clubhouse closed you can't pick up your copy of "UK Club Golfer", not to worry you can get a digital copy by clicking here.