The new Committee held its first virtual meeting on Monday 27 April, using the technology of ZOOM, under the Chairmanship of Steven Pearson. Sue Brown is a newly appointed Director and Martyn Henderson joined Harry Corbett as a co-opted member.


The main topic of concern rests with the fact that almost one third of members have still yet to pay or commit to pay their annual subscriptions. This fact places the Golf Club in an extremely vulnerable position financially. Future income from visitors green fees, bar profits and even buggy hire will be very much reduced irrespective of when the lockdown ends or is eased. We do have a number of members who have put their membership on hold agreeing to pay the full amount at times throughout the year when they are able to do so and this can be done in a very confidential manner with Norma.


We have applied for and received the grant from Government relating to recreational organisations based on rateable value. The sum we received was £25k. HMRC are paying fairly promptly the amount for staff who are furloughed. Andy has voluntarily agreed to forego any payments due to him. We continue to explore all the possibilities regarding financial assistance.


Although the Committee feel support from members is / has been great it is still a perilous situation that we are in. It is a very difficult time for us along with many other businesses and individuals.


We have been able to access the data from the recent survey and once again it is thanks to those members who contributed giving a return of 49% of those sent out which is well above the national average. The overall rating of the Club placed us in the top 25% of the 59 Clubs England Golf have surveyed this year. The Committee have appointed sub groups to examine the different areas of the survey prior to us receiving the formal report.


There does seem to be a chink of light in the near future as the re-opening of the course only looks to be on the agenda. There would be many restrictions in place to ensure "STAY SAFE" and "PLAY SAFE" which is understandable (2 balls only, extended tee times etc). Hope springs eternal.