Website Update

The Website has been updated to add new features, making it more functional and more secure. The ‘Member’ section has been changed so that the ‘Competitions’ option covers all the general competition information such as fixture list, handicaps and results and a new option ‘My Golf’ has been added that provides access to individual information such as ‘Competition purse’ balance, playing history and analysis, an option to print a handicap certificate plus a ‘Score Entry’ option.


These 2 options are password protected for security. When either of these options are selected you are presented with a ‘Restricted access’ screen asking for a password. The first time you do this you must select your name from the drop down list then enter a temporary password (which is being sent out to members by email). You are then taken to a screen to create your own individual password which must be a minimum of 4 characters long.


These additional features are also available on the Mobile version of Master Scoreboard and this can be found at It is recommended you create a shortcut on your phone so this feature is readily available.