BRS update

The BRS booking settings have been changed to allow booking 8 days in advance with a start time of 7:00 am.


BRS are upgrading the website and the app to give it a new look and to improve the member booking facilities, this will be done on Wednesday 27th May. When the upgraded site is in operation you will need to re-enter your login details again and accept the new terms & conditions.


Remember your BRS user name is your member number and the password is whatever you set it to. Also please note this is different to the ‘MasterScoreboard’ password which is required to access the ‘Competition Results’ and the ‘MyGolf’ options on the website. If you have not accessed this yet you need to enter the default password (sent by email) then you can create your own password. You could set this the same as your BRS one to simplify matters.



The ‘MyGolf’ option allows remote score entry which will be used as and when we are able to start competitions. This was tested on Saturday and worked well so we are ready to go.