Update - progress towards normality

As we make a little progress towards something like normality here is a reminder of some changes that we have been able to make but still continue with “Play safe – Stay Safe”. As we re-introduce competitive golf PLEASE read the procedures below carefully as, though it may seem long winded, it will be very simple to follow and importantly attempts to keep us safe.

Golf Shop - Nicky Maddison will be in attendance each day and as the Clubhouse remains closed he will operate from the windows opposite his shop.


Catering - Andy will continue to provide the temporary catering service on the course (drinks and sandwiches) from his buggy.

Guests and Visitors - The move towards playing in 4 balls has released the pressure on tee times and therefore Members Guests and Visitors will be allowed with immediate effect BUT NOT on Saturdays. Bookings will continue to be done using the BRS system.

Competitions - The Captain’s Committee have devised a procedure that is considered to be safe for competition entry and score entry that allows the reintroduction of competitive golf. Initially these competitions will be the 12 hole “Pro’s Sweeps” starting on Wednesday 3 June plus an 18 hole Pro’s sweep on Saturday 6th June. After this we will be resuming the Club competitions and a revised diary will be published in due course.

Competition sign-in - This will operate from the window in front of the shop door and will be done by Nicky – or whoever is manning the shop. You will be required to confirm sweep and 2’s entry. If the shop is closed there will be an entry sheet posted on the window to which you will need to mark your name and tick the sweep / 2’s columns and score cards are available on the table beside the door.

Competition purse top-up - This will also be available from the shop so if your purse balance is £0 or less then please ask Nicky to do a top-up. The top-up should be done by a wireless debit / credit card. Nicky will take payment and credit your purse account with the amount of top-up. You can check your purse balance on the “MyGolf” option on the Club website. If you have not yet used this option then the first time you will find the message “Restricted Access”. Please select your name from the drop-down list and use the master password - which is sgc1913 – and then you can enter your own personal password.

Competition score entry - This will be done remotely via the “Members / MyGolf” option of the Club website (and also on the mobile version of “Masterscoreboard”). Members of each playing group should record scores and at the end of the round players must confirm their score has been recorded correctly by their marker. Each player is then responsible for ensuring their score is entered into “MyGolf” remote score entry system. It is possible for one player to enter all scores.

Practice Area - The practice area may now be used but must be arranged through Nicky Maddison. Those wishing to use the area should report to Nicky before and after each session. Only 1 person will be allowed at a time and if people waiting then a time limit of 45 minutes will be imposed. ALL practice must be from the grass areas and NOT from the hut. Priority will be given to Nicky whilst he provides individual coaching. The practice area is NOT accessible outside of Nicky’s working hours.

General - It is a strange and difficult time we are in at the moment and much relies on individual’s common sense approach coupled with the need to continue to follow the advice of “social distancing” (2 metres), not touching objects and keeping hands sanitised. With the return of playing in 4 balls it has meant larger groups inevitably appear around the 1st tee and in the car park but we must emphasise that players should arrive no more than 10 minutes before playing and leave the course and car park immediately after the game. Progress towards normality (if ever we do) will be measured and we want everyone at the Golf Club to be as safe as possible and thank you for your patience and understanding.

In a previous update we asked that you (as there are no waste bins on the course) PLEASE take your litter home (cans and wrappings). Unfortunately, some people used the cups on the tee, which are used to collect tee pegs, to put empty cans in and some even used the fields adjacent to the course to dispose of cans. PLEASE take your litter home.