Competition Update

This Saturday (13th June) we have the first club competition, the Braidwood Cup. This competition is open to everyone with a handicap. Play will be from the White tee boxes (men) and Red tee boxes (ladies) and the Competition will be a qualifier. Please note Local Rules that apply from Saturday until further notice.


Sign-in will be from the shop with fees taken directly from your competition purse. If your purse balance is £0 or negative you will need to top it up in the shop but In order to help ease the pressure on the shop sign-in process PLEASE:- If the shop is busy don’t bother with a purse top up, it can be done another day.


Local Rules for Bunkers

Bunkers are in play unless marked as GUR with a blue stake. If they are GUR then a free drop may be taken outside the bunker at the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. The exceptions to this rule are the 2nd bunker on the left of the 4th green and the bunker on the right of the 9th green, both of which have a designated dropping zone marked.



If the bunker is in play you can prefer your lie in the bunker within 6 inches (no nearer the hole) but please note you cannot smooth the sand in the bunker before you prefer it. After playing from the bunker please take care to smooth it back level with feet or club.


Local Rule for blue staked area between 16th & 17th fairways

The area between the 16th & 17th fairways is no longer blue staked, ball to be played as it lies.


Procedure for Score entry

Please remember to enter your score (even if you have had a bad round), this is important to ensure the CSS is calculated correctly. Remote score entry is available on the ‘Members/MyGolf’ option of the club website (and also on the smartphone mobile version of ‘Masterscoreboard’). If you have not yet used this option then the first time you will find the message ‘Restricted Access’, please select your name from the drop down list and use the master password, you can then enter your own personnel password.


All members of each playing group should record scores and after each hole and at the end of the round should confirm their score has been recorded correctly by their marker. Each player is then responsible for ensuring their score is entered into the ‘MyGolf’ remote score entry system. It is possible for one player to enter all scores.


If your score is greater than 37 pts or you have a 2, please email a photograph of your scorecard to and also copy it to your playing partner.


KO Competitions

This Sunday (14th June) is the last date for the first round of the match play competitions so if you haven’t played your match yet please do so otherwise both names will be eliminated.