Competitions Update

It is very encouraging to see so many members entering the competitions and congratulations to the winners. Don't forget the full results can be viewed on the club website and those of you winning a share of the sweep can check the balance of your purse on ‘My Golf’ As usual the sweep payout is added to the winner’s competition purses a few days after the event and the two’s payout is added to the Shop accounts. Remember you can spend the money in your purse in the Pro’s shop (just ask Nicky) or it can be used to top-up your loyalty card in readiness for the clubhouse opening.


Generally speaking, the sign-in procedure and online score entry system is working OK although with a few issues. We have had some problems with scores being posted by members that have not signed in so please remember to sign-in in the shop before playing, even if Nicky is busy it is important to ensure he does sign you in correctly.


Also it is worth remembering that the ‘My Golf’ online score entry system is not an integral part of Handicap Master, it is only a terminal that allows entry of gross scores which can then be imported into Handicap Master. It can be slow (especially if a lot of members try to use it at the same time) and it does not calculate points or do any error checking so it is easy to make a mistake which is why we ask everyone with a good score (i.e. better than SSS) or with a 2, to email a photo of the card to for verification.


As it may be a while before we get back into the clubhouse to use the PSI terminals we do need to make every effort to ensure the online entry system works and this requires everyone to enter their score as this is essential to ensure the CSS is calculated correctly. If you have an NR on a hole then still enter all the holes you do complete, if it’s a poor score we still need it to be entered. If you are having problems entering your score then ask one of your playing partners to enter it for you.


We are trying very hard to keep competitions running and thank you for your patience. As Mick would say, enjoy your golf.