Competition Sweeps

Because of the large number of entrants in the competitions the sweep payout distribution has been modified and now pays out to 7 places when there are >120 entries. Click here for more information. In addition sweep money will be paid out to the leading players in the ‘Order of Merit’ Saturday series ‘Handicap Golfer of the Year’ and Sunday’s ‘Fred Punshon League’ as well as the ‘Paisley Cup’ Eclectic.


The full competition results are listed on the club website and under the list of scores the sweep winners are listed along with their share of the sweep. Also you can check the balance of your purse on ‘My Golf’. As usual the sweep payout is added to the winner’s competition purses and the two’s payout is added to the Shop accounts. Remember you can spend excess money in your purse in the Pro’s shop (just ask Nicky) or it can be used to top-up your loyalty card (contact Norma or Andy) in readiness for the clubhouse opening.