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News from our Professional


Junior Coaching Nicky has announced that he is commencing a programme of JUNIOR COACHING that will commence on Wednesday 2nd  September 2020. The sessions will be from 5.00pm until 6.00pm.


Get into Golf - LadiesThe programme will consist of 5 x 1 hour weekly group sessions (on a day yet to be confirmed).




Bar and Catering

It is with regret that we write to let you know that Andy Wain, Bar and Catering Manager, is leaving the Golf Club for pastures new and will commence his new job on 1 September 2020, his "business" will continue at Stocksfield Golf Club until such time that a replacement has been appointed. This will enable his staff to continue to provide a bar and catering service at the Golf Club for which we are very grateful.


We would like to thank Andy for all the work he has done for us over the past couple of years in keeping us fed and watered but also for his sterling and exceptional work during the lockdown period in helping to renovate and refurbish the Clubhouse to the standard it is in now. We certainly wish him all the very best in his new venture and the army of friends he has made here in the North East will hope that we see him on a regular basis whether having a drink or on the golf course. Cheers and Good Luck to Andy!!


Russell Wilson (currently the Bar and Catering Manager at Hexham Golf Club) will be returning to Stocksfield Golf Club as Bar and Catering Manager in the middle of September (the actual date has yet to be finalised). Hopefully members will give Russell (and Noni) a warm welcome on their return. 


Thank you to everyone for the patience and understanding in these difficult times that surround bar and catering.


Course Ranger

With the increase in popularity of the game of golf it has become apparent there are a number of people (non members) who are taking advantage of the relatively easy access to the golf course in the evenings and playing golf without payment of green fees. 

Barry Hindmarsh (a Past Captain of the Club) has volunteered to act as a “Course Ranger” and is making regular unannounced visits to the course and to date has had a number of successes. We have not yet been able to issue bag tags and therefore, as we have a number of new faces in our membership, until we begin to recognise each other please do not be offended if approached.


Visitors / Guests

Also a timely reminder to members of the following rules of the Club which state:-

“Visitors may use the Course and the Clubhouse on payment of the appropriate fee. No Visitor living within 20 miles of the Club will be permitted to play the Course more than 4 times per year. A Competitor in a Club Open Competition is not classed as a Visitor for the purpose of this rule”. “A Member may invite up to 3 guests to play golf at any one time upon payment of the appropriate green fee. No one can play as a guest on more than 3 occasions per year.”