Competitions update

Competitions Purse

The 'Competitions Purse' has proven to be extremely beneficial in terms of reducing competition administration and helping us to run competitions in a Covid safe way. Unfortunately a number of members are failing to keep their purse balance positive despite frequent requests, accordingly we will be implementing an overdraft limit of £6. This means anyone without adequate funds in their account will not be able to enter competitions unless they top-up their purse. This limit will be implemented starting on Saturday 19th October so this allows a week to get your purse balance positive. Thank you for your help in making this work for the benefit of the club.



World Handicap System

Remember the World Handicap System (WHS) comes into operation on 2nd November. Next week the transition process starts and early in October the new WHS will be run concurrently with the existing CONGU system, then in Late October the English Golf website will be up and running with the clubs information. New scorecards are being printed and these will be available shortly, they will have the new Course rating and slope for each set of tees (White 69.9 & 125, Yellow 67.0 & 119, Red 72.0 & 131). Click here for the latest guidance.