Competitions update

Final Series Results

Stocksfield Stag winner – Jeff Hird

Handicap Golfer of the year – Graeme Tolchard

Scratch Golfer of the year – Ben Lee

Paisley Cup Eclectic winner – Steve Gaish

Fred Punshon Trophy – Ben Lee


Sweep payout for series competitions paid onto competitions purse

Paisley Cup (£)   H/cap golfer (£)   Scratch Golfer (£)   Fred Punshon (£)
Steve Gaish 30   Graeme Tolchard 30   Ben Lee 10   Ben Lee 20
Don Stapleton 25   Scott Dickinson 25   James Cram 6   Luke Doneathy 17
Ian Martinson 12   Ben Lee 20   Scott Dickinson 4   Richard Shiel 14
Graeme Tolchard 12   Tony Howden 15         Aaron Rourke 12
Andrew Nichol 12   James Cram 10         James S Cram 10
John Clarkson 5   Aaron Rourke 5         Peter L Talbot 6
Phil Armstrong 5   David Scullen 5         John Steventon 6
Cairns Kettles 5   Richard Sheil 5         Mick Allen 3
                  John Dickinson 3


Matchplay Finals Results (including sweep winnings paid onto purse)

Robson Cup                     – David Mead (£13) beat Mick Byerley (£7)

Hamilton Cup                  – Gary Kennedy (£13) beat Anthony Digirolamo (£7)

Cluny Cup                        – Iain Stroyan (£15) beat Jeff Douglas (£7)

Silver Salver                     – Steven Cram beat Josh McCutcheon

Seniors Championship  – Neil Henderson beat Keith Martinson

Joe Rowell Cup               – Bill Martin (£15) beat Neil Henderson (£7)

New Clubhouse trophy  – Bill Stoker & Dave Harvey Beat David Buxton & David Marshall


Up Coming competitions

The Postponed Hunter Trophies will now be held on Sunday 18th and the Seniors Shadbolt trophy on Monday 19th. This weekend is also the start of the Turkey Trot competitions and this year these will be run the same as normal club competitions, that is the sweep will be split as normal and paid onto winners purses. Also from this weekend preferred lies (within 6", no nearer the hole) will apply in the general area (that is everywhere except the tee and green of the hole being played and hazards, other than bunkers).


Please note: Starting this weekend, Score entry will close one hour after it gets dark, any scores not entered will be classed as NR's. Also any scorecards that are in the frame or have a 2 must have a photo emailed to, anyone consistently failing to comply with this requirement will face disqualification.


Anthony Digirolamo (Captain)