Competition Update

Well here we are again, lockdown ends on December 2nd and we’re back playing as we were before. It’s 4 balls on 10 minute intervals and with the shorter days you need to get a wriggle on to book a tee time on BRS. Leading up to Xmas we will be running ‘Winter Sweep’ singles Stableford competitions.


The major difference when we get back on the course is we will be using our new WHS handicaps. Remember you need to convert your Handicap Index to a course handicap (see chart on first tee) then to a playing handicap for the competition (Playing handicap = Handicap Index x 119/113 x 0.95).  You can check your handicap index on your phone using the new MYEG app which is available to download from your app store.


Please remember that scorecards shouldn’t be exchanged but should be agreed verbally after every hole and at the end of the round. Players are responsible for their own card (or one card per group). Also don’t forget to email your score card to if you have 36 points or better or if you have a two and please ensure players names (and which column is for each player), handicaps and date of the comp are all clearly marked.


Enjoy your golf and remember “Play Safe – Stay Safe”.