Playing Handicap Calculation

Guidance from CONGU states that in England, Wales and Ireland the 95% playing handicap adjustment for singles competitions is applied to the rounded Course Handicap (as shown on the 1st tee chart) and is then rounded again.  For further information go to and refer to G6.2a "Playing Handicap Calculation" on page 18 of the document. Although this is a contradiction to the guidance in the England Golf ‘Rules of Handicapping’ book, it is the guidance given by our National Association and it is the calculation being applied by the Handicap Master software that we use.


This means for singles competitions you will get your ‘Course Handicap’ from the chart on the first tee then apply the 95% adjustment and round the number to the nearest whole number (with 0.5 rounding up).


Please also note: when we play the back 9 twice the Slope rating is 109 so the Chart on the 1st tee is not applicable. In this case your Course Handicap = Handicap Index * 109/113 rounded to the nearest whole number (with 0.5 rounding up). This is then adjusted by 95% before rounding again. However if this is all seems too complicated don’t worry as the computer will apply the correct handicap when the scores are processed. Just remember to record and enter your gross scores.