Getting back to Golf


Great news, golf resumes on March 29th. Unfortunately the clubhouse can not open yet but at least we can get to playing in fourballs. Remember we must still adhere to the England Golf 'Play Safe - Stay Safe' guidance.


We are now at that time of the year when subscriptions are due to be paid and you will shortly be receiving your renewal request. As we have said in previous communications, we had decided that for those members who had renewed their subscriptions last year the amount due for the 2021 season would be frozen at last year’s level. In addition, and as a token of appreciation for the support given to the Golf Club, full members who renewed their membership for the year 2020 / 21 will receive £50 onto their loyalty card with all other members receiving a credit on their card pro rata to the level of subscriptions they pay (i.e. Flexible Member - £40, Concessionary and Misc. - £25, Country - £25, 26 to 30 - £25, 22 to 25 - £20, 18 to 21 - £15). This money will be credited to your card when the full subscription amount has been paid. Those people who do not have a card can request one from Norma.


As we look forward to the new season with a lot of hope and expectation Nicky Maddison is ready and raring to go, Russell has been adding lots of new touches to the clubhouse to welcome your return and Mick and his team have worked throughout the winter months to get the course ready. There are so many positives to look forward to!!!


Other news to report is that a Marquee has been ordered (funded by Stocksfield Parish Council Community Fund) for installation on the veranda and will hopefully be here by April and we have also agreed an addition to our reciprocal agreements that will now include Bellingham Golf Club which allows us to play there for £10 per round.