Competitions update

By now most players will have entered a score into the WHS system and a few may be wondering why their handicap index has changed. Remember, with the new system your index is an average of the best 8 scores from your last 20 scores, so if you post a score that is better than the worst of your best 8 (even if it is above your index) then it may reduce the index, also if your previous 20th score was a counting score and it now drops out of the last 20 this may also effect your index. The best way is to keep a regular check on your index and the best way to do this is with the ‘MyEG’ golf app which is available on your app store.


In order to simplify Competition and General Play score input we are enabling online ‘sign-in’ as well as online score entry for competitions. This means the procedure is the same if you are signing in to play a General Play score or a Competition score so please ensure you select the correct option as this has been causing a few problems. Sign-in will still be possible in the shop as well as online so if you sign-in in the shop you do not need to sign-in online. Also the competition entry fee will now be £3 which includes £1 sweep entry and £1 for two’s. Please note, it is essential that you Sign-in before you play (whether it’s for a Competition round or for a General Play round) and, having signed in, you must enter a score. There will be a delay of 3 hours after sign-in before you can enter a score and if you experience problems please try again later as the England Golf database can be slow to return your current handicap index.


Now that competition purse online top-up’s are working and being widely used we will be reducing the overdraft allowance so please check to see if a top-up is required before trying to sign-in to a competition.


Finally a reminder, the closing date for the KO matches is this coming Sunday 11th April so if you want to enter please email