PSI terminals back in operation

From Saturday 17th April we have access to the PSI (Player Score Input) terminals in the clubhouse. This means we can revert back to the old way of using scorecards as they were intended and entering scores directly into the PSI at the end of the round. Remember, when using a PSI you must use the sanitiser both before and after touching the screen and please feel free to wipe the screen with the disinfectant spray.


The procedure is as follows:

  1. You must sign in directly before playing, either in the Pro’s shop, on a PSI terminal or online using the ‘My Golf’ option on the website.
  2. You must record your playing partners score and your own score (as marker) on a scorecard, making sure to mark both names on the card along with the competition name and date. If it’s a General Play score please indicate which tees are used.
  3. On completion of your round you must agree your scores with your playing partner and sign the scorecard you filled in as marker (do not exchange cards for signature). The score must then be entered either on a PSI terminal or online using the ‘My Golf’ option on the website (either or both can enter the scores).
  4. Please note: if you pick up on a hole then enter that hole as 0 (records as NR), if you don’t play the hole (perhaps walking in when it snows) then enter as ‘did not play’. This is important as it effects the way your score counts for handicap.
  5. Finally you must put the scorecard into the scorecard box adjacent to the PSI.

Please note: These instructions apply to both Competition and General Play scores. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the competition and possibly a penalty score applied to your handicap record.


Rules clarification: We are still using preferred lies in bunkers (but no raking beforehand). Also preferred lies are still in operation (on closely mown areas only).


Match play competitions: The KO’s draws have now been done and you can see who you are playing on ‘My Golf’. Entry fees have been taken from your competition purse and a PDF of each draw has been emailed to all competitors, if you scroll down to the last page there is a list of contact details of all entrants into the draw.


How to stay informed: If you are new to ‘My Golf’ on club website you will need to login with the master password (sgc1913) then create your own password (could be same as BRS password). If using your smartphone to access ‘My Golf’ on the website we recommend using the following link

To keep track of your handicap we recommend installing the MyEG app on your smartphone. Also to keep up to speed on the rules of golf try the new R&A rules of golf app. Both apps are available on your app store.