Competitions Notes

Score Entry Procedure - We are changing the procedure for validating scores. From Saturday 8th May it is not necessary to physically return a scorecard or email a copy of your scorecard to the club, instead we ask that you keep hold of your scorecard and if we need to verify your score (or a 2) we will contact you. However you must agree your score with your marker and you MUST enter your score either on the PSI terminals in the clubhouse or online through the ‘My Golf’ option on the club website. Failure to do so without a good reason may result in a penalty score being applied to your Handicap record.


Please note: if the PSI screen is blank then touch or swipe it and wait until it wakes up, if it asks you to ‘sign in’ to Windows, simply touch the box as there is no password. Also, if you have problems with the online score entry this is due to the heavy traffic on the WHS servers so please keep trying, you will get through eventually.


Match play results - MUST be entered on the PSI terminals in the clubhouse, failure to do so may result in both players being eliminated.


Competitions Purse - Any golfer wishing to check on the historic record of their competitions purse can do so at any of the PSI terminals by entering your name and using the “Information” option.


Course Handicap - The Course Handicap chart shown on the 1st tee is also now available here (scroll down to the bottom). Remember your playing handicap for singles competitions is 95% of your course handicap.