Stag Qualifiers

The Stag Qualifiers are the top 5 and equals (who haven't previously qualified) in the monthly medals. They are:

  • April - Cairns Kettles, Richard Lee, John Clarkson, Ian Whittington, Bill Stoker, Ron Moore, Jim Balkwill, Stephen Cram.
  • May - Martin Wilkinson, Barney Armstrong, Richie Armstrong, Paul Joyce, Peter Clarkson
  • June - Jeff Douglass, David Mead, Luke Nichol, Jeremy Southern, Colin Walker, Neil Embleton, Emerson Brown
  • July - Jeff Langley, John Steventon, Mick Byerley, Glen Clement, Aaron Rourke
  • August - Kevin Honeybell, Chris Welton, Keith Aldworth, Colin Mead, Davey Stewart, Ian Stroyan, Keith Martinson
  • September - Bill Fraser, Ben Squire, Simon Martin, Eddie Paisley, Jack Moore, Kieran McGrane, Colin Rainbow