Members Competition Purse – an explanation

All members have a competition purse which is initialised at £0. This purse is separate from the green loyalty card and it is used to pay entry fee’s in our competitions. You can view your purse balance and put credit on your purse through the ‘My Golf’ option on the club website using a credit card. This is a very simple process that can be done on your smartphone. Alternatively you can top-up your purse in the Pro’s shop.


Sweep winnings from club competitions can be viewed at the end of the competition results report on the website and are paid into your purse after the competition has been closed. You can verify your purse transactions on the PSI terminals on the “View Information” option. Sweep winnings can be left on your purse to pay for future fees. Alternatively, if the value is in excess of £20, they can be used either in the Pro’s shop (see Nicky for this option) or transferred to your Loyalty card (see Norma for this option).

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