Winter Course work

Now that we are getting into winter golf we must turn our attention to protecting the course as well as providing a course for members to enjoy, this is a difficult compromise to achieve and we hope members will understand the need for the measures we put in place.


Roped off areas

In order to protect wet areas from being damaged and potentially dangerous to players we are roping them off. However it is permissible to enter these areas to play a shot and, if there is a gap in a roped off area, you are allowed to take a trolley through, but not a buggy.


The ropes and posts are to be considered IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS and, under Rule 16 (Abnormal Course Conditions) free relief may be taken if they interfere with your playing a shot. However if your ball strikes a rope or pole then it can not be replayed.


Drainage works around the course.

Bands of gravel will be installed in wet areas of the course. These areas will not be white lined but will be classed as “Abnormal Course Conditions” and free relief may be taken under Rule 16.


Winter Buggy Strategy

New and extended paths have been created on the 2nd, 9th and 14th which should minimise the health and safety risk to members. They also enhance the pathways for buggy use. Due to inclement weather it is not always possible to allow two seater buggies on the full course or at all. We will try to accommodate as best we can, however it may result in buggies being available on the back nine only.


On these occasions you can collect one of the new buggies at half price from the professionals shop and leave it by the Greenkeeper’s shed to utilise from the tenth tee box. It is therefore important to ring the information line on 01661 843041 option 1 to establish the course status each morning. Please note that until further notice, booking buggies on BRS is not available.

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