Winter Golf Qualifiers

Starting Saturday 15th Jan and until further notice the course will be a qualifying course, this means singles competitions will be qualifying and GP scores will be acceptable. But please note there will be no Preferred lies in the rough. Preferred lies are only allowed on closely mown areas although plugged balls (or balls covered in mud) in the rough may be lifted, cleaned and replaced in the exact same spot.


As mentioned in the recent Newsletter we have had both our normal “Winter Yellow” course' and the alternate “Winter Yellow Alt” (Back 9 twice) course officially rated. The 'Winter Yellow' rating is 66.2 with slope 115 and the 'Winter Yellow Alt' rating is 65.3 with slope of 113, these will be used for all winter golf and you can use the MyEG app to find your Course Handicap. 


Winter golf rules allow for up to 2 temporary winter greens (with normal size holes), temporary tee boxes and GUR bunkers and, if some holes are closed for drainage work, they can be missed out. This may be the case if the 4th and 5th holes are closed (in which case please go from the 3rd green to the 6th tee) and, these holes should be entered in the PSI as “Did Not Play” (that's the '/' option on the score entry screen above the numeric keypad).


While the weather allows, the course will be qualifying for handicaps. This is in line with England Golf guidelines and is a requirement for the WHS to operate as intended, for further information please follow this link. This will make the competitions fairer by continuously adjusting handicaps and so giving everyone an equal chance to win.

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