Competition Update

Open competitions

There are two Open's this month, Seniors team event on Monday 8th and the Masters qualifying team event on 29th see posters below. Please note: Sign in is through BRS and it is important for Visitors to enter their club, handicap and CDH number. However this information is already on the system for members so accurate entry of this is not essential.


Invitation Day – 4BBB on Saturday 13th August

Entries open on 3rd August, please enter as member and ‘members guest’. Entry fee is £10 per pair (includes £2 for 2’s) and this will be taken from the members competition purse. Sweep prizes will be paid onto members purse and 2’s will be paid onto members shop account. Important: will members please email guests name, club and CDH number to


General Play (GP) scorecards

Sign in and score entry for GP rounds should be done through the PSI’s in the hall / corridor with scorecards marked as GP score, tees played indicated, dated and signed by player and marker and posted into the Handicap scorecard box in the hall.


New Handicap Scorecards

To obtain a new handicap 3 scorecards from Stocksfield's White or Yellow (men) or Red (ladies) tees are required. These should be marked as ‘New Handicap’ with tees played indicated, the cards must be dated and signed by both player and marker and posted into the Handicap scorecard box in the hall. You will be notified when they have been processed and a CDH number allocated. You are encouraged to then enter General Play scores (as described above) to further develop your handicap.

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