Winter League starts on 25th November

The Winter League starts on Saturday 25th November and runs through until the start of next season. The format is the same as last year with separate leagues on the Saturday and Sunday and both will use the Winter Handicap. For more information click here.

Preferred Lies in the rough start this Weekend (11th Nov)

Local rule for preferred lies – THROUGH THE GREEN


“A ball lying anywhere through the green  (i.e. the whole area of the course except the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all hazards on the course) may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and replaced on a spot, within six inches, of where it originally lay and not nearer the hole. A player may place his ball only once, and it is in play when it has been placed. 

New rules for Buggy booking

As of August 12th, Saturday buggies may only be booked up to 10 days in advance (the same as the Tee), unless there is an Open Competition taking place, in which case they will be bookable on the day that that competition becomes available on BRS. Also there will be no buggies booked out to visitors on Saturdays more than 10 days advance in order to give priority to members. All other days will remain bookable at any stage.


The reason this rule is being introduced is the increasing popularity of Saturday buggies and to make it fair for all members concerned. All current buggy bookings up to August 12th will remain in place.

Tee Booking made easy - BRS launch new APP for IOS 


BRS have introduced a new App (for IOS devices only) for tee booking and information on the BRS system. Downloadable via the App Store it gives quick and easy access to tee booking, upcoming competition dates, Open Competitions, past and future bookings and also a "Buddies" list for easy access to the people you normally play with. When you have downloaded it you sign on with your normal BRS username (your membership number) and the password you created to use the BRS system

Competition Notes

Open Booking

As the more astute members may have noticed, Open booking is no longer available through the ‘member’s competitions booking’; this change is to simplify the booking process and to obtain visitor details. This means to book you must go through the Open Booking section of BRS. Note: this involves registering and paying up front, however once registered the process is easier the next time.



A New competition for senior golfers will run Every Monday starting at 10.15 am (directly after the Seniors 18 hole sweep). This is open to members of the senior section and the entry fee will be £1.50.


If you are interested just turn up and sign in from 9.30 am onwards.

Monthly Quiz Nights in the Clubhouse

Every last Sunday in the month:

March 26th April 30th May 28th June 25th July 30th  August 27th



Lots of prizes up for grabs!


Traditional Sunday lunches are also available in the Clubhouse from just £6.95pp. Advance booking is essential either in person or by phoning 01661 843041 - option 3.

Northumberland County - 2017 Competitions & Matches

Click on attached for 2017 competitions and matches
County single and pair competitions can now be booked and paid for on line at a CDH number is required with the booking. The entry forms will be sent to clubs in the usual way and entries will still be taken from these forms.
Microsoft Word Document 107.0 KB

Yellow Course length & SSS reduction  

A number of the fixed yellow distance markers have been moved from the back of the tee boxes closer to the centre of the tee boxes. These new positions make it possible to have qualifiers on the yellow course irrespective of where the tee boxes are positioned and has the additional benefit of making the SSS more realistic in comparison to the white course SSS. The Yellow course length reduces by 130 yards and the SSS reduces from 68 to 67.


The scorecard will be changed with the next print run and the tee box signs will be modified when they are next updated.


Darkness, Rain, Fog and Ice

During inclement weather the fact that the course has not been officially closed does not necessarily indicate that it is fit to play. Therefore, members and visitors should themselves determine whether they consider it safe to play. Players have a duty of care to behave in such a way that others may not be injured by their actions. They also have a duty of care to ensure they do not injure themselves. All players play at their own risk and should do nothing to jeopardise the safety of themselves and others. Players should be particularly aware of the additional risks from poor visibility on the course and take appropriate action, including suspending play and leaving the course if deemed necessary.


It is the players own responsibility to discontinue play when, in his/her opinion a danger from lightning exists. Players should heed Rule 6-8 {a] [ii] regarding suspension of play.

In the event that a player is out on the golf course when lightning is about then the following safety considerations are advised:

a] Keep away from tall objects such as trees, telegraph poles and also high ground.

b] Keep down as low as possible and ideally crouch in the nearest bunker/hollow.

c] Leave your golf equipment where it is and stand away from it.

d] Do not use a mobile phone and make sure it is switched off.

e] Do not put an umbrella up in any circumstances.

In Competition Play, if it is considered lightning or fog pose a threat of danger the Golf professional or Assistant or a Senior official will sound three blasts on a klaxon to advise that players MUST suspend play immediately. If and when conditions improve, permission to resume play will be authorised by the Golf Professional or Assistant or Senior official and indicated by one blast on a klaxon.

COMPETITIONS and HANDICAPS - Players Responsibilities

All players entering a club competition are required to sign in before the event and return a scorecard when the round is finished.


The scorecard must be correctly filled in with the competition name, date and players name, the gross scores must be clearly marked and the card must be signed by both the player and the marker. Any amendments on the scorecard to be initialled by the marker.


In order to ensure that a correct record of the competition is maintained and an accurate Competition Scratch Score is made, it is necessary that ALL players must record their score on the computer in the clubhouse. This includes all non returns (with scores entered as zeros on the holes in question).


Failure to comply with the above will result in disqualification and repeated offenders will have their handicap suspended. Thank you for your co-operation with this.


In order to provide timely competition results and handicap adjustments, the Captains committee will publish Provisional results as soon as possible after the competition has finished. These results will be based upon the scores entered into the computer. When the score cards are processed (normally on the Monday following the weekend competitions) the competition result may be modified to reflect any errors encountered on the score cards.




If you have never had a CONGU handicap you must submit 3 scorecards (from any course) to the handicap secretary. These cards must be signed by a person with an active handicap, please mark cards "For Handicap Purposes", attach them together and put them in the card box in the lounge.




If you handicap is inactive (does not have a 'C' beside the exact handicap on the list) then you must return either 3 scores in qualifying competitions or submit 3 Supplementary scores or a combination of the two. These Supplementary cards must be signed by a person with an active handicap and marked "Supplementary Score" Please attach them together and put them in the card box in the lounge.



  1. You may only submit ONE Supplementary Round per week.
  2. The maximum number of Supplementary Cards allowed in any given year is TEN.
  3. A Qualifying Course at Stocksfield MUST be used for a Supplementary Score Return


Brampton & Seahouses - Half Price Green Fees for Members

We have negotiated two great deals (on a reciprocal basis) for Stocksfield members commencing 1st January 2014. Members can get half price green fees at Brampton and Seahouses.


Brampton is for up to 8 players per day Monday to Friday and after 3pm (twilight golf) on weekends and Bank Holidays. Tee times are subject to availability and must be booked via their Pro Shop. Seahouses is for seven days a week again subject to availability and bookable in advance by phoning. 

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