Club Rules

 1        Stocksfield Golf Club

1.1     The name of the Company ("the Club") is Stocksfield Golf Club Limited. The Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (as defined by H.M. Revenue and Customs)

1.2     The objects of the Club are contained in its Memorandum and Articles of Association which is kept at the clubhouse.

1.3     The Club is limited by guarantee and every member is liable to contribute a maximum of £1 towards its assets in the event of the Club being wound up.


1.4     The income and property of the Club shall be applied solely toward the objects of the Club and no portion shall be paid or transferred by way of dividend or bonus, except to another Community Amateur Sports Club or other registered charity, if the Club is wound up.


2        Management of the Club

2.1     In every calendar year the Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the purpose of appointing the Officers and the Committee, receiving a report from the Committee and any other relevant business.

2.2     Any other general meeting will be an Extraordinary General Meeting  (EGM). The Committee may convene an EGM and must do so if at least 30 Members ask for, and state the purpose of the EGM. If the Committee fail to convene an EGM within 21 days of being asked the Members may convene the EGM within 3 months of making their request.

2.3     The President, or in his/her absence, the Chairman of the Committee shall chair any AGM or EGM. If neither are present the Members present shall elect one of their number to be Chairman.

2.4     No business shall be transacted at any AGM or EGM unless there is a quorum of at least 20 Members.


3        Election of Officers and Committee (*)

3.1     At every AGM the following Officers shall be elected to serve for one year:-

          (a)      President - a nominee of the Committee

          (b)     Captain - the current Vice-Captain

          (c)      Vice Captain - nominated by a meeting of Past Captains of the Club.

          (d)     Hon. Secretary - elected at the AGM

          (e)      Hon. Treasurer - elected at the AGM

3.2     Each AGM will also elect up to 8 Members who, together with 2 Ladies appointed by the Ladies Section and the aforementioned Officers, shall comprise the Committee.

3.3     The elected Members will serve for 2 years and each year half will resign, but may seek re-election.

3.4     A notice shall be posted in the Clubhouse at least 28 days prior to the date of the AGM showing names of nominees for the elected Officers and Committee Members, duly proposed and seconded by Members. The list to be closed 3 clear days before the meeting.

3.5     In the event of more nominees than places a ballot will be held at the meeting.


4        The Committee (*)

4.1     The management of the Club shall be the responsibility of the Committee, who shall appoint a Chairman and a Vice Chairman.

4.2     The Committee shall pay all the expenses of and exercise all decisions pertinent to the running of the Club.

4.3     The Committee may appoint any Club Member to fill a vacancy should an elected Member or Officer resign or leave the Committee. The appointed Member to hold office until the next AGM.

4.4     The Committee will decide how often it meets to transact Club business. Six persons present shall form a quorum for Committee meetings.

4.5     Every Member of the Committee will be entitled to vote and the Chairman will have a casting vote failing there being a majority.

4.6     The Committee may delegate any of its powers to Sub-Committees. Minutes of Sub-Committees and reports from such Sub-Committees shall be considered by the next appropriate Committee meeting. The Sub-Committees shall be appointed at the first meeting following the AGM.

4.7     Any Member wishing to complain to the Committee must do so in writing to the Hon. Secretary.

(*)     NB - A trial of new election and Committee procedures commences from April 2012. Refer enquiries to the Secretary.


5        Accounts

5.1     The Committee shall cause books of accounts to be kept in respect of:-

          (a)      all monies received and spent by the Club

          (b)     all sales and purchases by the Club

          (c)      the assets and liabilities of the Club

5.2     The accounts must give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Club and explain its transactions.

5.3     The accounts for the preceding year shall be presented to the AGM or an EGM in the form of an income and expenditure account and a balance sheet. The balance sheet shall be accompanied by reports from the Committee and accountants where necessary to comply with any statutory requirements.


6        Membership

6.1     Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, or age, sex or disability, except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of golf as a particular sport.

6.2     The following classification of Membership shall apply, and will be subject to levels of entrance fee and/or subscription as determined from time to time by EGM convened for the purpose of fixing subscriptions, save that the Committee shall be entitled to apply an index linked rise in subscriptions without calling an EGM. The index to be used is the Retail Prices Index as issued by the Department of Employment on a monthly basis (or, if it is replaced, its replacement). The annual rate as issued on the 30th June of the relevant year may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

(a)      Full playing Members (Male or Female)

(b)     Junior Members under 16 years old

(c)      Junior Members under 16, being a Son, Daughter, Grandson or Granddaughter of a Member.

(d)     Junior Members 16-18 years old

(e)      Members 18-30 years old

(f)      Miscellaneous Members

(g)     Life Members

(h)     Honorary Members

(i)      Concessionary Members

(j)      Social Members


6.3     Life Members

          The Committee may approve not more than 6 Life Members in any year upon application from existing Members aged 50 or over and payment of an agreed amount. Life Membership shall continue for the Members’ life. Life Members will enjoy all the privileges of the Club and be exempt from payment of subscriptions.

6.4     Honorary Members

(a)      The Captain and Lady Captain are entitled to be Honorary Members during their term of office and be exempt from paying a subscription.

(b)     The Committee may appoint any person as an Honorary Member who will enjoy all the privileges of the Club and be exempt from payment of subscriptions. Unless otherwise stated Honorary Membership shall be for life.

(c)      Any full playing Member who has reached the age of 75 years and been a full playing Member for 25 years may apply to be and shall be appointed an Honorary Member with effect from the beginning of the next subscription year. NB - Ceases as at April 2014.

6.5     Social Members

Social Members are entitled to use the facilities in the Clubhouse, but not the Golf Course. The number of Social Members shall not exceed 25% of the total Membership.

6.6     Miscellaneous Members

Miscellaneous Members, namely full Members living more than 50 miles from the Club, Members over the age of 20 years in full time education, and Members with special medical or financial needs will pay a reduced subscription as determined by the Committee and shall enjoy all privileges of Membership.

6.7     Junior Members

          Members in the classes defined in Rules 6.2 (b) - (d) shall not be entitled to vote or form part of a quorum at an AGM or EGM nor request an EGM (under Rule 2), nor be elected to the Committee (under Rule 3).

6.8     New Members

          New Members shall be proposed and seconded by two existing Members. The application shall be posted in the Clubhouse for 30 days before the election of the Member. Applicants shall be interviewed by the Hon. Secretary or a Member of the Committee prior to consideration by the Committee. Election shall be by a majority vote of the Committee.


 6.9     Concessionary Members

(a)      The Committee may appoint any person as a Concessionary Member, who will enjoy all the privileges of the Club and be exempt from paying 50% of a subscription. Unless otherwise stated, this Concessionary Memberships shall be for life.

(b)     Any full playing Member, who has been such for 40 years, may apply to be and shall be appointed as a Concessionary Member with effect from the beginning of the next subscription year and be exempt from paying 50% of the subscription. NB - to be adopted from April 2014.

6.10   Conduct of Members

          The Committee is entitled to terminate or suspend the membership of any Member whose conduct is considered by the Committee to be unworthy.


7        Visitors

Visitors may use the Course and the Clubhouse on payment of the appropriate fee. No Visitor living within 20 miles of the Club will be permitted to play the Course more than 4 times per year. A Competitor in a Club Open Competition is not classed as a Visitor for the purpose of Rule 7.


8        Guests

A Member may invite up to 3 guests to play golf at any one time upon payment of the appropriate green fee. No one can play as a guest on more than 3 occasions per year. Members (including Social Members) may invite guests to use the Clubhouse for up to 6 occasions per year.


9        Resignations

9.1     Any Member wishing to resign must give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary on or before the 31st March of the then current year, failing which the Member shall be liable to pay the subscription for the following year.

9.2     Any Member who has either not paid his/her subscription or commenced paying by instalments within one month of the start of the subscription year, shall be liable to have his/her membership terminated.


10      Use of the Clubhouse

10.1   Members, Visitors and Guests (having paid the appropriate fee) are entitled to use the Clubhouse and may purchase alcoholic drinks subject to the law.

10.2   The Clubhouse will open at times determined by the Committee and notified to Members by notice in the Clubhouse.

10.3   Junior Members under 18 years may use the Clubhouse, and may purchase non-alcoholic drinks and food up to 9pm. Junior Members under 18 years must not play the gaming machines nor consume alcoholic drinks.

10.4   All Members, Visitors and Guests must observe the dress code, as determined by the Committee. Use of mobile phones is not permitted in the lounge or dining area, or (except in emergency) on the Course.

10.5   No notice of any kind shall be posted in or outside of the Clubhouse or on the Course except by authority of the Hon. Secretary.

10.6   Dogs are not permitted on the Course, in the Car Park or Clubhouse. Exceptions will be made for Guide Dogs with a blind person.


11      Rules Relating to the Playing of Golf

11.1   Members must follow the rules and etiquette of golf as made, altered, interpreted and applied by R&A Rules Limited.

11.2   The Committee shall make the rules governing the playing of Matches and Competitions which shall be binding on all Members.

11.3   On Competition days the first tee shall be reserved for Competitors only, during such times as are directed by the Committee and displayed on the notice board. Non-Competitors may play by starting from the first tee outside the times reserved for Competitors. The number of players in a non-competition match must not exceed the number specified for each match playing in the Competition of the day. Non-competitors must give priority to Competitors.

11.4   No person may compete in any Club Competition unless his/her subscription is fully paid up to date and unless he/she has a handicap issued by the Club or the players home club (if other than the Club).

11.5   Priority on the first tee shall be determined by the order of balls placed in the chute. A ball shall not be placed in the chute until all players in the match are present and ready to play.

11.6   When Visiting Parties are given courtesy of the Course the first tee shall be reserved at times agreed and posted on the notice board. Members may only play from the first tee during the period of reservation if all the Visitors have left the first tee. Members shall respect Visiting Parties recognising that they provide vital income for the Club.

11.7   The Committee may close the Course in adverse conditions when no play shall be permissible until the closure notice is removed. This power may be delegated to the Greens Convenor and Greenkeepers.

11.8   Trolleys and buggies must be kept well away from greens and tees and their surrounds.

11.9   Each player must have an individual golf bag and clubs. Sharing of equipment is not permitted, except under the rules of golf.

11.10 Juniors under 18 years are subject to certain time restrictions namely:-

          (a)      No play before 10.00am or between 12 noon and 3.00 on Saturday, unless in a Club Competition.

          (b)     No play before 4pm on Saturday, unless handicap is under 28.

11.11 (a)      Junior Boys under 18 years with handicaps of 20 or less and Junior Girls under 18 years with handicaps of 36 or less may play in their respective Club Competitions provided their card is marked by an Adult Competitor.

(b)     Juniors with handicaps of 20 or less may play without an Adult Competitor only in a Junior Medal competition (in 2’s and 3’s off the Competition tees)

(c)      Juniors under 18 years may enter sweeps and their winnings will be vouchers redeemable in the Professional’s shop.

11.12 Members must sign the Competition book and pay the appropriate fee prior to playing in any Competition. They must also enter their Name, Handicap, the Competition Name and the Date on their Score Card. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


11.13 A Competition Score Card must be marked by another Competitor or a Member holding a current handicap. The completed Card must be signed by the Marker and the Player and the score fed into the computer (if the computer is in operation for the competition). The Card must be placed in the appropriate score card receptacle. The Captain may suspend from future Competitions a Competitor failing to return his Score Card.

11.14 Practice on the Course. The Course shall not be used for the purpose of practicing, with the exception that a solo player may play no more than two balls while playing the Course. A solo player has no standing on the Course and must give way to all other groups of players. Similarly, Members playing a part round must give way to persons playing a full round.


12      Ladies Section Rules

12.1   Name: Stocksfield Golf Club Ladies’ Section

12.2   Object: to organise matches and competitions according to Ladies Golf Union Regulations and social events for the benefit of Lady Members of the Club.

12.3   Management: The management and control of the Ladies Section shall be entrusted to a Committee composed of the Captain, Vice-Captain, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and Handicap Secretary who will be elected at every AGM of the Ladies Section to serve for one year and 6 other Lady Members who will be elected at each AGM and who will serve for 2 years and each year 3 of the 6 Members will resign, but may seek re-election.

12.4   Annual General Meeting: The Ladies Section will hold an AGM on a date fixed by the Ladies Section Committee. Notice of this AGM shall be posted on the Ladies Section notice board 28 days before the proposed date, showing the number of retiring Members and inviting nominations. The list will be closed 3 clear days before the AGM. Resolutions should be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary up to 30 days prior to the AGM and should be printed on the agenda. Amendments to the resolutions may be submitted at the AGM.


12.5   An EGM may be convened by the Ladies Section Committee whenever they deem necessary, or by request of at least ten Lady Members. This meeting to take place within 21 days of the request.

Child Protection Policy

A "Child Protection Policy" has been adopted by Stocksfield Golf Club to ensure a safe environment exists within the club for all Members, Visitors and Employees.


Child or Young Person is any person aged up to 18 years old.

The comprehensive Master Copy of the Policy is retained in the Secretary’s Office where it is available for reference and clarity purposes.


Stocksfield Golf Club will, as far as is practicable and possible, provide a safe environment for Young Members, Guests and Visitors and ensure they are protected whilst on Club premises.


All Staff and Members should be aware of their and the Club’s responsibilities towards Children and ensure they act within the guidelines.



1        Children / Young Persons will be allowed to participate in golf and use the Club’s facilities within the rules laid down by the Committee without the fear of bullying or harassment or unnecessary restrictions.

2        Children / Young Persons should be encouraged to adopt the traditions of golf and play to the highest standard possible within the Club rules.

3        Children / Young Persons should always behave in an orderly and sporting way whilst on Club premises and should comply with the dress code.

4        Children / Young Persons should be given every assistance, guidance and help possible.

5        Concerns regarding the welfare of a Child or Young Person should be reported to the Committee via the Secretary. In the case of illness or concern for a Child or Young Person, the Secretary retains a list of declared existing medical conditions and contact details of parents or guardians.

6        Children / Young Persons should act in a way so as not to endanger themselves or others, and maintain a level of behaviour which is acceptable to the Club.

7        Children / Young Persons should be encouraged to report incidents which may cause them distress.


Buggy Policy

Use of Ride-on Buggies on the Golf Course



The purpose of this document is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all ride on buggies operated on the course at Stocksfield Golf Club. It also sets down the criteria to be applied and conditions to be met when the club considers applications for the use of privately owned buggies.

The Equality Act 2010 concerned itself with anyone who had a disability (as defined by the legislation). Under the Act Golf Clubs (and other premises) have a legal duty to produce a policy that allows equal access to the Club to those players who have a recognised disability. The Club has to ensure that all reasonable adjustments, which may include the use of a buggy, are made to allow those with a disability to play golf.

Stocksfield Golf Club have decided to develop a policy that encompasses all members and visitors who, while not fulfilling the legislative definitions of being disabled, need the help provided by a motorised ride on buggy to play golf.



Any person who operates a ride-on buggy on the golf course is deemed, by so doing, to have the knowledge, training and skill to safely operate this vehicle and be fully accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof.

The safe operation of ride-on buggies on the course requires conscientious application and adherence to the minimum standard of care prescribed by this policy.


From time to time the Club staff may determine that the state of the course or the weather is such that safety on or the condition of the course may be unacceptably compromised if a ride-on buggy is used.  This might apply to the whole or just part of the course. Potentially unsuitable conditions include water logged, frost, etc. Where such conditions arise the club will review the situation on a daily basis.

Due to the fact that privately owned buggies have their own insurance cover in place it may be possible they continue to use their buggy. In these situations only single seater buggies will be allowed and a review of this policy may be made should ground conditions dictate a change.


The Club will endeavour to ensure that restrictions will be kept to a minimum.


Use in General Play and Competitions

The Club offer for hire a limited number of buggies, subject to availability. It is advisable to book these in advance as there is no guarantee of availability. The Club also permits the use of privately owned buggies. Use of personal buggies is also subject to the conditions contained in this policy.


Ride-on buggies may be used during closed and open competitions. 


Ride-on buggies must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the following documents:

                         Golf Buggy Safety Policy

                         Golf Buggy Safe Working Practice

                         Golf Buggy Safety Policy Acknowledgement Form.

                         Buggy Route Guidance.



Copies of these documents can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

Golf Buggy Safety Policy.doc
Microsoft Word Document 43.5 KB
Safe Working Practice - Buggies.doc
Microsoft Word Document 44.0 KB
Club Owned Ride on Buggy – Acknowledgeme
Microsoft Word Document 42.5 KB
Privately Owned Ride on Buggy – Acknowle
Microsoft Word Document 43.5 KB
Buggy route guidance.doc
Microsoft Word Document 48.5 KB

Stocksfield Golf Club Ltd. -  Privacy Policy

What Information do we collect about you ?


When you join/joined our Golf Club we collect/collected only the information required from you to be able to fulfil our contractual obligations which includes being able to contact you to be able to send you a subscription renewal notice, AGM, EGM and to administrate competitions at the Club.


With your permission, we may also collect further information which allows us to contact you regarding events and offers at the Club.


As an employer we collect only the information required to fulfil the contractual relationship between employer and employee and we only share this data with the relevant statutory authorities.    


How the information about you will be used


When you join as a member or enter into a society event or open competition we may share your information with external and internal data processors.  Your personal data is controlled internally by the Clubs Data Protection Officer (DPO) who adheres to the Golf Club’s internal data protection policies and procedures.


As a golfer who obtains a handicap for use whilst playing in competitions your details (name plus playing handicap) are shared onto a Centralised Database, administered by the English Golf Union, for Handicap purposes only and this information may be shared with other Golf Clubs. 




You may have opted in for us to be able to correspond with you regarding your activities including events and competitions by way of post, telephone, email and SMS.  We  do not  share your data with external marketing companies who would contact you in this way.  If you have consented to this correspondence you can opt out at any time.


Individual Rights


You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. This can be provided to you in a portable, machine readable commonly used format.  If you would like a copy of this information please email us on or write to the DPO  at the Cub.


We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date and you may ask us to correct or erase information that you think is inaccurate. At the time of collecting data you have the right to object to the Club holding certain information about you.


If your membership is resigned for any reason then the information we hold on you will be deleted.  You can ask for notification of this task by email on or by writing directly to the DPO at the Club. 


Changes to our Privacy Policy


We keep our privacy policy under regular review and will place any updates on our website.  This privacy policy was last updated on 12th February 2018. 


How to contact us


If you need any further information please email us on or write to us at Stocksfield Golf Club, New Ridley, Stocksfield.  NE43 7RE