• All members have a ‘competitions purse’ in HandicapMaster this is a purse (or an account) from which they can pay competition entry fees. It is similar in operation to the Loyalty card system but should not be confused with it. The ‘competitions purse’ is initialised at £0 and needs to be topped up before signing in to a competition.
  • The ‘competitions purse’ is used to pay for competition entry. When you sign-in to a competition, the fees (inc. optional sweep and two’s) will be automatically taken from this purse.
  • Top-ups are purchased at the Pro's shop and can be for any amount. 
  • You can view your purse balance on 'My Golf' or on the PSI terminals in the entrance hall, however top-up’s will not appear immediately as they may take a while to be processed to the purse account.
  • Weekend competition sweep winnings are shown on the results report (under the list of scores) and are paid back into your competitions purse. Wednesday Pro’s sweep winnings and all 2’s prizes go into your account in the Pro’s shop.
  • Competition entry will be easier as it will be a cashless system and your club will benefit by simplifying competition administration. If a member has enough funds in their purse they can sign-in themselves using the PSI terminals in the entrance hall without needing to go to the shop. However if they don’t have enough funds then they must sign-in in the shop after purchasing a top-up.
  • Excess funds in your purse account may be spent in the Pro's shop or used to top-up your loyalty card for bar purchases,


  • The club Diary lists all the golfing activities and the Fixture list provides more details of the club competitions.
  • Any player with a CONGU handicap may enter a club competition, subject to age and gender restrictions however a player with an inactive Handicap cannot win the competition or the sweep but the score card will count towards re-instating an inactive handicap.
  • All Competitors Must 'sign in', prior to commencement of play. 
  • Competition Scorecards must contain Name(s), Date, Competition name and current playing handicap and must be signed and countersigned - otherwise disqualification may ensue. If a printed scorecard is not provided the competitor is responsible for writing the name(s), handicap(s), competition name and date on the top of the scorecard.
  • All scorecards - including "No Returns" - should be entered into the PSI terminal in the entrance hall and placed in the box provided.
  • All Competitions start at Hole 1 and run consecutively to Hole 18 unless specifically approved by the Competitions Committee.
  • Club Trophy Competitions are usually played off full handicaps.
  • Match play stages of all Club Championships are restricted to Stocksfield “Home” players.
  • Optional sweeps are divided as follows:
    • 121+ entries - 1st - 30%, 2nd - 23%, 3rd - 18%,  4th - 12%, 5th - 9%, 6th - 5%, 7th - 3%.
    • 91 - 120 entries - 1st - 32%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 18%,  4th - 13%, 5th - 8%, 6th - 4%.
    • 61 - 90 entries - 1st - 36%, 2nd - 27%, 3rd - 19%,  4th - 12%, 5th - 6%.
    • 31 - 60 entries - 1st - 40%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%, 4th - 10%.
    • up to 30 entries - 1st - 50%, 2nd - 33%, 3rd - 17%. Note: Sweep money is split equally on same scores.
  • Male Juniors with a handicap of 28 or under can play in the Men’s competitions accompanied by a Member over 18. Any sweeps won will be paid as vouchers.
  • Additional rules may be posted from time to time.



  • There are two separate Singles Winter Leagues - one on Saturdays for Gents only and one on Sundays for Gents and LadiesThe competitions will be Stableford format and the Course is to be played as presented.
  • Money - There is no ‘joining fee’ for the leagues and players can play in either or both leagues as they wish. The leagues will handle their money and points independently of each other. Competition entry will be £1, plus £1 for sweep and £1 for optional 2's (£3 in total). Sweep money will be paid out each week (5 places if greater than 50 entries, 4 places if 30 to 50 entries, 3 places if 10 to 30 entries) with money split equally for same scores. Money taken on Saturday will be paid out to the Saturday players and money taken on Sunday will be paid out to the Sunday players. The overall league prizes will be paid from the entry money.
  • Points - will be awarded according to the finishing position in each competition with the best 8 points scores counting towards the overall leagues. Points will be split equally for same scores and are awarded as follows:
    • Saturday – 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points (provided at least 15 entries).
    • Sunday – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points (provided at least 10 entries).   



  • The player must have one Exact Handicap only which must be allotted and adjusted by his Home Club and produce, if so required, a current, validated CONGU® Handicap Certificate and/or valid CDH ID Number. The Playing Handicap calculated from this Exact Handicap shall apply elsewhere including other clubs of which the player is a Member.
  • If he/she is a Member of more than one Affiliated Club, select one as his Home Club for handicapping purposes and notify that club and the others of his choice and supply each away club his Home Club CDH ID Number. 
  • Prior to playing in any competition the player must ascertain whether all appropriate reductions to Playing Handicap have been made and if not they must adjust the handicap manually as required.
  • Before commencing play on the day of a Qualifying Competition the player must ensure that his entry has been registered on the entry sheet (if one is available) and he has been signed in on the computer either in the pro’s shop or the club entrance hall.
  • A player who fails to enter a Qualifying Competition in the required manner is deemed to have neither a score for the competition nor a score for handicap purposes.
  • The player must ensure his current Playing Handicap is on all cards returned in a Qualifying Competition even though the event may not be a handicap competition. This is required for the calculation of a Competition Scratch Score.
  • The player must ensure that all competition cards in Qualifying Competitions, whether or not complete, are entered into the PSI terminal in the entrance hall and posted in the Card box.
  • When joining a new club the player must provide details of previous club memberships and handicaps held whilst at those clubs.
  • Players should be aware of the significance of the Stableford / Nett Double Bogey Adjustment. This adjustment allows a player who has a ‘bad’ score on a hole(s) or does not complete a hole(s), for any reason, to continue to record a score on subsequent holes for handicap purposes. This sustains the golfing interest and at the same time provides valuable handicap information. 



  • To enter Club competitions, Members must have an Official CONGU Handicap. Your current handicap can be found on the club website and on the PSI terminals in the entrance hall.
  • To obtain a first handicap, 3 scorecards - dated and signed by someone with an official handicap - must be submitted for assessment. The scorecards must be from a measured course at the members Home club. 
  • Members must appoint only one club to be their “Home” club. Anyone wishing to have Stocksfield as their Home club must first get their current Home club to release them then notify the Handicap Secretary of the change.
  • Members will be required to have at least 3 qualifying rounds per year to retain an Active Handicap and Competitions require an active handicap in order to win. To maintain an active handicap (or re-activate an inactive handicap) you must return three scores either from qualifying competitions or with supplementary scores as described below.
  • Handicaps are adjusted automatically when scores are entered into the computer. General Play adjustments are assessed by a panel consisting of the Captain, Vice Captain, immediate Past Captain and the Handicap secretary. Note: Injury or medical conditions that are not permanent are not suitable reasons for a handicap lift. An annual revue of all players handicaps is carried out after the end of the season.



Supplementary Scores for handicapping purposes must comply with the following conditions.

  • A Supplementary Score may be returned at any Affiliated Club of which the player is a Member.
  • An acceptable score for Supplementary Score purposes is any authenticated score played over an 18-hole Measured Course in either Stroke Play or Stableford format. Stroke play scores will be subject to net double bogey adjustment.
  • Any number of Supplementary Scores may be returned annually by players in Categories 2 to 6 and there is no limit to the number of Supplementary Scores returned in a week.
  • A player intending to return a Supplementary Score is required to signify his intention prior to commencement of play.

The Procedure for entering a supplementary score is as follows.

  • Enter your intention to play a supplementary score round either in the Pro’s shop or on the PSI terminal in the entrance hall.
  • Ensure the scorecard is marked up as a supplementary score and has your name and date on it, also tick the ‘tees played’ box.
  • Enter the score as a ‘Supplementary Score’ in the PSI terminal in the entrance hall.
  • Ensure the card is signed by yourself and the marker (who must be a member with an active handicap) and put it in the scorecard box beside the PSI terminal.



There are Four Knockout Competitions for Men:

          Cluny Cup                                             Handicaps – Up to 20

          Hamilton Cup                                       Handicaps - Up to 13

          Robson Cup                                          Handicaps - 14 to 54

          New Clubhouse Trophy - Pairs          Maximum handicap - 20

There is One Mixed Knockout Competition:

          Stobo & Miller Trophy                         Maximum handicap - 54

There is One Knockout Competition for Seniors:

          Joe Rowell Trophy                               Maximum handicap - 54

There is One Knockout Competition for Juniors:

          Wren Trophy                                         Maximum handicap - 54


To enter the Matchplay Competitions, see the notices on the respective notice boards and follow the instructions given. Note: An Active Handicap is required on the day of the draw. Cut-off dates WILL BE ENFORCED and are as posted on the notice boards


Use the PSI terminal in the entrance hall to enter match results. Click on 'Choose Option' and then select 'Enter a Knock-out Result'. Select your name in the usual way and you will be presented with buttons for each of the matches you are entered in (you’ll also see your opponents name against each). Click on the one you are entering results for, select the Winner and select the score. Then click the Green Tick to confirm the result.



There are 4 Series competitions held over the golfing season and 2 series held over the Winter these are as follows:

  • Fred Punshon Memorial Competition - Sunday League open to all categories. Consisting of over 20 Competitions.
  • Scratch Golfer of the year - points based series, points will be awarded according to the gross finishing position on each Saturday singles competition (15 down to 1) with the best 8 points scores over the year to count. 
  • Handicap Golfer of the Year -  points based series, points will be awarded according to the finishing position on each Saturday singles competition (15 down to 1) with the best 8 points scores over the year to count.
  • Paisley Cup - Eclectic series, lowest score on each hole from all Saturday singles competitions during the season.
  • Winter League Saturday points based series, points will be awarded according to the finishing position on each Saturday winter competition (15 down to 1) with the best 8 points scores over the winter season to count. 
  • Winter League Sunday -  points based series, points will be awarded according to the finishing position on each Sunday winter competition (10 down to 1) with the best 8 points scores over the winter season to count. 


Friendly Matches

Several annual friendly matches are arranged by each Section. All Members are encouraged to participate whenever possible. Advanced details are posted on respective Notice Boards.


General Information

Please refer to the Notice Boards, Website and Tee Booking System during the year for alterations to fixtures, visitor bookings, tee reservations, etc. Visiting parties and Members playing social golf during the times permitted on Club Competition Saturdays are required to play in the same format as the Competition to avoid course congestion. For Competition results and Handicap information on a Mobile device use this address.


Work on Greens and Course

Dates for essential course work are shown in the club diary and are subject to weather conditions. This may interfere with Members’ golf, but disruption will always be kept to a minimum. As much notice as is possible will be given when other works are scheduled. Please respect the Greens Staff working on the Course and offer them maximum priority. Greens Staff have the authority to close the Course.


Course Reservations / Restrictions

  • Ladies - Wednesday Mornings - 9.00am to 12.00 Noon.
  • Please Note: On Ladies’ Open Days, Invitation Days and Lady Captain’s Day, the tee shall remain the preserve of the Ladies until such time as the Lady Captain decides.
  • Senior Gents - Monday Mornings - 9.15am to 11.00am.
  • Gents - Saturday Competitions - 7.30am to 10.00am and 12.00 noon to 3.00pm.
  • Under18 Juniors are welcome to play golf on a Saturday within the following times: 
  • Juniors with handicaps of 28 or less can play in a Gents competition at any time when playing with an Adult competitor.
  • Juniors with a handicap of 28 or less can play Casual Golf between 10.00am and 12 noon and after 3 pm.
  • Any Junior can play Casual golf after 3.00pm.


Rules of Golf and General Courtesy

  • All Members should acquaint themselves with the general rules of golf and pay particular attention to etiquette, dress and sportsmanship. The object is to enjoy playing and help others to enjoy their game. Please encourage new starters.
  • Remember to give way to faster players or when a ball is not to be easily found.
  • Players playing a match should be given priority.
  • Club Captain has priority on the first tee at all times.
  • Remember and remind your playing partners to:
    • Smooth bunkers and leave rake in the bunker.
    • Replace and press down divots, even if they are not yours.
    • Lift and repair your own pitch marks on the green plus at least one other.