Equality & Diversity Policy

  1. Stocksfield Golf Club is committed to the principles of equality and diversity throughout its workforce, throughout its membership base and customers.
  2. Stocksfield Golf Club considers that everyone should play their part in making golf inclusive and aims to ensure that all people, irrespective of their background, ability or Protected Characteristics, have a genuine and equal opportunity to work at the club, become a member or participate in club life.
  3. Stocksfield Golf Club will embed these values within all areas of its work.
  4. Stocksfield Golf Club will not disadvantage any individual, whether they are participants, contractors, players, parents, coaches, officials, and volunteers by imposing any conditions or requirements which cannot be justified in the provision of its services.
  5. Stocksfield Golf Club is also committed to supporting the rights and interests of those who it employs. Details of its commitment to equality matters relating to its staff are set out in the relevant staff documents.
  6. This policy will be reviewed at least every 3 years by the Management Committee, any amendments shall be effective from the date stated.

This policy has been adopted by Stocksfield Golf Club. The Master Copy of the Policy is retained in the Office where it is available for reference and clarity purposes, it is also available for download by clicking the Download button below.

Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf
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