Stocksfield Golf Club

Seniors Open - 4 man Scramble

Monday 10th June 2024, Yellow Tees, Stocksfield Golf Course

(25%/20%/15%/10% from lowest to highest playing handicap)

There were 23 x 4 man teams (46 members & 46 Visitors) played in the Seniors Open Scramble competition on June 10th. Thank you to all who played.

Joint winners on net 55 receive £40 each.

David Marshall, Graham Price, Clive Rogerson & Tony Webber.

Peter Robson, Jonathon Stubbs, Derek Todhunter & George Wearmouth. 

3rd place on net 56

Colin Bone, Peter Clarkson, Bill Fraser & Mark Laverick.

Stocksfield members will have winnings added to their shop accounts and Visitors will have Shop voucher emailed.

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Results Score 
1stDavid Marshall, Graham Price, Clive Rogerson, Tony Webber55 
2ndPeter Robson, Jonathan Stubbs, Derek Todhunter, George Wearmouth55 
3rdColin Bone, Peter Clarkson, William Fraser, Mark Laverick56 
4thNeil Henderson, David Mole, Paul Nash, Paddy O'Kelly57 
5thTom O'Malley, Eddie Paisley, Les Palmer, Colin Walker58 
6thJohn Ayre, Peter Collins, Terence George Irving, Bernard McClen58 
7thDick Forth, Trevor Liddle, Denis Noble, Keith Woods58 
8thDenis ELRICK, Tony QUINAN, Peter SCOTT, David STEP58 
9thRobbie Armstrong, Graham Ferguson, Martyn Henderson, Iain Stroyan58 
10thIan Senior, Tom Senior, Daniel Tallon, Billy Thompson58 
11thBarney Armstrong, Brian Best, Jeffrey Langley, Steven Pearson58 
12thDavid Crozier, Doug Fraser, Lawrence Hardwick, Don Stapleton58 
13thColin Davison, Raymond Nicholson, Brian Simpson, David Simpson59 
14thJohn Cox, Keith Robinson, Raymond Robinson, Tony Wright59 
15thPeter Connolly, Jeff Hird, Jim Relph, John Steventon59 
16thFrank Balloch, John Carslake, Ian McGowan, Stephen Wardle59 
17thMichael Edwards, R Gray, George Heath, Matty Searle60 
18thDavid Barr, Stephen Hendren, Tom Hendren, Jim Lauder61 
19thBert Garrow, Barry Hindmarsh, Ray Kennedy, Keith Martinson61 
20thAlan Borthwick, Anthony Jenkins, Stephen Robinson, Steve Wright61 
21stJohn Alexander Cooper, David Harvey, Douglas Plummer, Bill Stoker61 
22ndPaul Blakey, Phillip Dobson, Andy Nixon, David Sweeney62 
23rdGerry Conway, Ronnie Conway, Brian Lucas, Robert Young63 

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