01. July 2020
It is necessary for Northern Gas to undertake some essential repairs to the gas line that crosses the golf course. Following a meeting with Mick Byerley (Director of Course Services) Contractors will begin to move some of their equipment on site on Thursday July 2nd with digging likely to commence the following week.
26. June 2020
Because of the large number of entrants in the competitions the sweep payout distribution has been modified and now pays out to 7 places when there are >120 entries. In addition sweep money will be paid out to the leading players in the ‘Order of Merit’ Saturday series ‘Handicap Golfer of the Year’ and Sunday’s ‘Fred Punshon League’ as well as the ‘Paisley Cup’ Eclectic.
23. June 2020
It is very encouraging to see so many members entering the competitions and congratulations to the winners. Don't forget the full results can be viewed on the club website and those of you winning a share of the sweep can check the balance of your purse on ‘My Golf’. As usual the sweep payout is added to the winner’s competition purses and the two’s payout is added to the Shop accounts. Remember you can spend the money in your purse in the Pro’s shop or it can be used to top-up your loyalty card

11. June 2020
This Saturday (13th June) we have the first club competition, the Braidwood Cup. This competition is open to everyone with a handicap. Play will be from the White tee boxes (men) and Red tee boxes (Ladies) and the Competition will be a qualifier. Please note the Local Rules. Sign-in will be from the shop with fees taken directly from your competition purse. If your purse balance is £0 or negative you will need to top it up in the shop
06. June 2020
We sincerely hope everyone has been able to benefit with the change to allow groups of 4 balls which has eased the pressure a little on tee times. The return to having competitive golf through the “Pro’s Sweep” is also a welcome return to many of our members but unfortunately it appears to be causing situations around the first tee as informal gatherings are being created.
04. June 2020
Thanks to all those who entered the Pro’s sweep on Wednesday, we had 64 entries and it was a good test for the new score entry system. Please let me know if you had any problems with the procedure of sign in and entering your score, any feedback you can provide will help refine the system for the future.
02. June 2020
As we make a little progress towards something like normality here is a reminder of some changes that we have been able to make but still continue with “Play safe – Stay Safe”. As we re-introduce competitive golf PLEASE read the procedures below carefully as, though it may seem long winded, it will be very simple to follow and importantly attempts to keep us safe.

24. May 2020
The BRS booking settings have been changed to allow booking 8 days in advance with a start time of 7:00 am. BRS are upgrading the website and the app to give it a new look and to improve the member booking facilities, this will be done on Wednesday 27th May. Remember your BRS user name is your member number and the password is whatever you set it to. Also please note this is different to the ‘MasterScoreboard’ password which is required to access the ‘Competition Results’ and ‘MyGolf’ options.

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