Member Newsletter
28. April 2022
The latest Member Newsletter has information about the recent AGM plus updates on Committee activities, Course developments, Pro's news and Competitions news.
Premier Football - Live At Stocksfield Golf Club
27. April 2022
Don't miss the Premier football live coverage on Sky Sports.
Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration
06. April 2022
A day of celebration at Stocksfield Golf Club.
Member Newsletter
22. March 2022
Read the latest information from your Golf Club. Get updates on Committee activities, Course developments, Pro's news, Clubhouse news, Competitions news and Section news.
Member Newsletter
01. March 2022
As you know SGC is committed to Safe Golf for all it's junior and adult members. Liz Hartley has been appointed as our Welfare officer and has been approved by England Golf. If you have any problems with welfare or Safeguarding issues please get in touch with Liz.
Winter League 2022 - final positions
10. February 2022
Congratulations to Barney Armstrong on winning this years Winter League. Prize money was paid down to 5th place (£25, £20, £15, £10, £5) and this has been added to the competitions purses of the winners.
Member Newsletter
01. February 2022
• Find out how your club are doing financially and see what your management committee are doing to keep things on track. • Get up to speed on Clubhouse and course developments. • See what the Greens staff are doing on the course to get ready for the new season. • Keep up to date with Competitions and handicap news and use the comments section to give us your feedback.
Stocksfield Opens
26. January 2022
Stocksfield Opens are now available to book. The full list of events can be found on the Visitors page and can be booked on BRS by following the link.
Winter Golf Qualifiers
14. January 2022
Starting Saturday 15th Jan and until further notice the course will be a qualifying course, this means singles competitions will be qualifying and GP scores will be acceptable. But please note there will be no Preferred lies in the rough. Preferred lies are only allowed on closely mown areas although plugged balls (or balls covered in mud) in the rough may be lifted, cleaned and replaced in the exact same spot.
21. December 2021
Member Newsletter with latest news on social events, Committee news and Competition News.

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