24. May 2020
The BRS booking settings have been changed to allow booking 8 days in advance with a start time of 7:00 am. BRS are upgrading the website and the app to give it a new look and to improve the member booking facilities, this will be done on Wednesday 27th May. Remember your BRS user name is your member number and the password is whatever you set it to. Also please note this is different to the ‘MasterScoreboard’ password which is required to access the ‘Competition Results’ and ‘MyGolf’ options.
14. May 2020
It's great to be back playing golf, even though it is only social golf. Now that we are back we are starting to look ahead to when we can start playing competitive golf and the easiest club competitions to start with are the singles match play as these don't require sign in or score entry.
13. May 2020
It’s great to see players back on the course after such a long absence, the tee booking sheets are quite full going forward so if you want a game you need to be booking your times. The course looks great and I can’t wait to get into the clubhouse to see all the changes. A huge THANK YOU from myself and all the members to: Mick and his green staff, Andy along with all his volunteers, the committee and Nicky our Professional, who I am sure you will all agree have done a tremendous job.

11. May 2020
We are pleased to report there has been a change in the guidance issued by Government regarding the recommencement of golf, 2 balls (instead of singles) are now acceptable and you can play golf with another person who is outside your household. BRS is open now. The rules of social distancing (keeping 2 metres apart) must still be observed and it is still Social Golf only. The remainder of the previous news items regarding guidelines MUST be adhered to. ENJOY THE GOLF - PLAY SAFE - STAY SAFE
11. May 2020
The Government has announced that golf will be able to resume in England on Wednesday 13 May and therefore the course will open at 7.30 am on that day. We are following the guidelines and procedures from England Golf (in association with partners from across the sport) in order that we are able to “Play Safe” and “Stay Safe”. These guidelines are under constant review and we reiterate that they MUST be adhered to by everyone. The over-riding consideration being “Play Safe, Stay Safe”.
07. May 2020
The Website has been updated to add new features, making it more functional and more secure. The ‘Member’ section has been changed so that the ‘Competitions’ option covers all the general competition information such as fixture list, handicaps and results and a new option ‘My Golf’ has been added that provides access to individual information such as ‘Competition purse’ balance, playing history and analysis, an option to print a handicap certificate plus a ‘Score Entry’ option.

06. May 2020
Great to see the 150 Yd markers have been re-measured, now to the centre instead of the front. The picture shows the new 150 Yd marker on the 8th. A big thanks to James Cram on re-measuring these and on Bill Martin for cutting out the holes for the fairway markers. Below are a few more pictures of our superb course, just waiting for us to get out there to hack it up.

03. May 2020
Mick and his team are doing an excellent job of keeping our course looking good and working to ensure it is ready to play as soon as we get the go ahead from Boris. Hopefully (fingers crossed) this might be sooner than we think, even if it is only social golf.

01. May 2020
The new Committee held its first virtual meeting on Monday 27 April, using ZOOM, under the Chairmanship of Steven Pearson. Sue Brown is a newly appointed Director and Martyn Henderson joined Harry Corbett as a co-opted member. The main topic of concern rests with the fact that almost one third of members have still yet to pay or commit to pay their annual subscriptions. This fact places the Golf Club in an extremely vulnerable position financially.
28. April 2020
Hi All, Now that I am in post as your new President I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have been thinking of you and your families and hope that you are all safe and well. I am looking forward to the time we can all get together again after this strange time is over. Take Care Sonia Kennedy

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